Curious who these guys are and why they are talking?  Here is the low-down.  We’ll most likely change this a bit as things progress but you get the idea.

The Podcast
Our Podcast features witty conversation between aging college buddies on their current life and exploits.  A unique blend of the unique, mischievous, unusual, and snarky. A look at the world around us; from the Internet and mass media to social misfits and the ridiculous. Rogue Union will be a weekly conversation about these things and more by seasoned professionals.

Our regular Seattle contributors:
Dan (Prime Dan) - An Internet professional who enjoys making the people who work for him work until they bleed. Also a danger to himself and others when irritated by the stupidity of others.  Driver of this podcast train, making all attempts to keep the show on its tracks while ensuring that all the content is suitable for listening and free of burps, squeaks, hiss, and general garbage.  Old School, but still pretending he’s 12 – on the edge of turning 40.

Novo (Also a “Dan”) -  A Jew, but still a nice person.  At least nice after you get past his crotchety, crusty, jew-tard demeanor.  Old School, like he’s 80 years old, but really only 40.

Bill – A manager of a local branch of a nationwide pet store chain and expert in all things snide and a powerhouse of political maneuvering.   Old School, but willing to try new things if you know what we mean – on the razor edge of his 40s.

Wansing (Also a “Dan”) -  Our lowly Comcast Cable installer and former US Army and Army Reservist (12 years baby).  A juggernaut of knowledge of all things Geek, SCA and Medieval.  A general geek who joins this aging gang of misfits for some reason on their weekly discussion for reasons only he knows.  New school, hanging with the cool kids and a young’in in his 30s.

Our regular Chicago contributor:
John – John was born on a distant planet and sent to Earth by his parents shortly before his home world was destroyed. Unfortunately, the Earth’s yellow sun severely weakened John and interferes with his ability to fly. It also makes him grumpy. John is (in no particular order) a male, a U.S. citizen, a Scorpio, a husband, an avid reader, an atheist, a high-functioning alcoholic (I’m working on it), a RPGer (pen and paper), a lawyer, and a bit overly sentimental sometimes.  Old School, but a former Bad Boy who has turned into the classic legal stooge he never wanted to be – the first to crack the 40 barrier.

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