Perfect Evil is Superior to Imperfect Good.

I have a much better understanding of Ash from Aliens now.  I recently emotionally connected to horribly beautiful Evil.   Do people use aversion therapy to scare the gay out of children?  You had a cigarette!  Start smoking this here carton until you puke your guts out and then that’ll teach you.  You did WHAT with Billy Conely down the street! Well then ….  First off, Abby and her dollies had brown rice, pineapple chicken, chili beans, and straight pineapple.  I was playing play-doh with Abby later making orange trees and thinking about who votes in republican caucuses and what is real power.  A Rick Santorum triple pack victory and a bit more despair also crossed my mind.  Again, people who a handful of years ago would be a joke in national elections can now win primaries.  Then again, Pat Robertson won a few states in ’88 so maybe the crazies have always been there and we’ll still be OK.

I recalled a little NPR radio story that struck me at the time as a perfect example of power and evil strength without hesitation or reflection.  Power is having someone carry the loaded shotgun that they know you plan to kill them with as you drive out into the country.  Power is the Faggot Tree.  As horrible as the story is, I was laughing wildly and in awe of it’s elegance.  Economy of storytelling.  No wasted line and each moment flawless even if the destination is hell.   StoryCorps on NPR.

“She stood me up against a tree, she took the shotgun out of my hands, and she put it to my head. She said, ‘This is the tree that I’d take my son to and blow his head off if he ever decided to be a faggot.’ …”


Xenophobia ahoy.  What could possibly go wrong with creating an ‘Other’  and preaching hate?  Does that tend to get out of hand?

Abby and I kept on making play-doh trees.


3 Comments to “Perfect Evil is Superior to Imperfect Good.”

  1. Jeppy says:


    I love you (and all your wonderful family)!

    I love all the rest of you guys too.

    I have one slight problem,

    There are only two things I need to feel complete…Malt-O-Meal and more Rogue Union Podcast.

    I have 14 years of Malt-O-Meal stocked away, but am lacking in new Rogue Union Podcasts…please record more!

  2. Steve says:

    I agree, record more.

    • Adem says:

      I LOVE LOVED your explanation of spakning last post. That is exactly how we do it too, and are 100% confident it is Biblical and worth the time it takes. We say if he doesn’t walk away smiling we did it wrong. That sounds so bizarre to some people, but spakning isn’t to make your kids mad and angry and pouty…it is to show them that they have crossed a boundary, bring them back, and restore the relationship.

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