Another Resident for Newt-topia!

It has been so long since I posted that in a few weeks I’ll have another baby to live out a grinding menial existence serving our new, old overlords.  I’m not sure if it will be Kim Not-So Young, or Mitch Roomey or the Newtster, but whichever way it goes, she will be raised to serve blindly until death claims her to become a handmaid for the Great Leader in the next world.  Or in a vaguely more sane way, my new fantastic baby, hopefully Sophia, unless they are a Houdini level junk hider from ultra sound techs, is due March 4th.I’m hoping she’s born either March 11th so she’ll have the same birthday as her daddy and sister, or Feb.29th so she can star in the new Pirate Movie remake.  I’m far too calm about the coming babypocalypse to be anything other than dangerously mentally imbalanced.  Unless some stranger gives me the least provocation to kill indiscriminately, I reckon I’ll be fine.  I get to hold my second wonderful child in a month or so and I will dote on her same as Abby.  By the way, Goggle is unbelievable smart now.  As I fumbled on how to spell “dote”.  Boom! Spelling, definition, and if not for ad-block, I’m sure I’d have seen 7 links to buy someone flowers and candy or a baby’s first Disney Princess doll.

Now, I’ll be trying to post pictures of what I make Abby for dinner and ranting about how to have a real, wholly public,  ‘Bank of America’ and generate some interest income for the good old USA.  Meanwhile, why does it seem like every current President or Presidential candidate has a funny name or gloriously hideous life that should in a sane world preclude them from any public office?  Mit, Newt or Obama? Where is the power of Shame!

By the way, my prediction of war in the Korean peninsula in 2011; missed it by that much.


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