Episode 41 – Our Forty-First Episode

Episode 41 – Our Forty-First Episode

The Crazy train continues with the latest episode. The original recording date for this episode was January 22nd, 2011. Check out the topics covered:

Snow punishing gay planning

Phoenix Jones – CarjackingAnd More

Fountain WomanAnd More

Pope said don’t report pedophilia

1)Lindsey Lohan
2)Britney Spears
3)Mischa Barton

6 Comments to “Episode 41 – Our Forty-First Episode”

  1. Jeppy says:

    You guys rock!

    I’ve just listened to 15 hours, 34 minutes, and 59 seconds of Rogue Union in the last 30 hours.

    I’m working on being your #1 fan!

    Bring back the contest in which someone can have their name shaved in Novo’s chest hair!

  2. Steve from Canada says:

    Wow total deja vu… I was thinking about this podcast randomly and decided I’d come visit and see if you guys had anymore episodes up. I had forgotten the name of the podcast so I googled “breeder feeder pig podcast”. For better or worse you guys came right up!

    Great podcast while it lasted. Hope you guys bring it back even for a final episode.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

  3. Vincenzo says:

    I wish that Badspot would tell us when he is gonna release stuff. And he shloud release stuff more often, purely on the forums, as just a mod, and not an update. That way us players would be able to try out what Badspot is working on, and maybe we could even help him. I guess that would mean making Blockland kind of an open-source project. I think that Blockland could go a lot farther a lot faster that way.

  4. effectivement en comparaison de celle que j’avais vu sur Youtube je ne suis pas trop ratée, mais je ne serais quand même pas sortie comme ça!@MarieB: il y a de l’idée!@Chloé: bonne journée !@Victoria: comment dire…ce n’est pas vraiment inné chez eux on dirait!!@Caloloulou: il faut tout lui apprendre!! J’ai cru qu’il allait m’arracher la pointe des cils avec le recourbe-cils !@Olivia: il a reconnu que ce n’était pas top parce qu’il ne m’emmènerait pas au resto maquillée ainsi

  5. Dalibor says:

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