Episode 37 – Frosty the Snow Klan

Episode 37 – Frosty the Snow Klan

Our latest is here for a pre-holiday snack. Listen as we discuss the outcome of fighting the good fight – Black Friday. We recap Dan’s night of shopping warfare in all its glory. Sprinkle in a few points on caginors, yeah, those. And round it out with a dash of people who don’t know what a klingon is. And our whimsical Top 3 of the week!

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-White Supremacist Snowman
-Spanish Woman Claims Ownership of the Sun
Caganer Collector

4 Comments to “Episode 37 – Frosty the Snow Klan”

  1. dan says:

    you guys suck ass

    • Cesar says:

      I have enjoyed your psadcots. Thank you for creating a place where Tolkien fans can connect. In your podcast about the elf Tauriel you commented that there are not many strong female characters in Tolkiens writing. I would say rather there are not many female characters in Tolkiens writing. I think all or most of Tolkien’s female characters are strong. For example Luthien, Melian, Galadriel, Morwen, Haleth, Eowyn, Arwen; all of these characters are strong. So Tauriel being a strong female character fits with Tolkien’s general treatment of females characters.Nina

    • Elgun says:

      , everything Apple anenuocnd last week as part of its iPhone OS 4 event was, of course, an answer to some competitor. (I wrote about this in , for example.) The most obvious nod to Windows Phone, in my opinion, was Game Center, which is Apple’s take on Xbox Live.

  2. Zain says:

    There’s a book called Clay’ that I rembeemr being about religion, but can’t rembeemr the author google it! Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeaneatte Winterson also explores a lot of religious issues and is autobiographical so shows how she was brought up to be a Christian. Something like Jane Eyre by Bronte also challenges the religious spirit of the time if you want something more classic x

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