Episode 34 – We Do “Olds”…

Episode 34 – We Do “Olds”…

Our ‘Spectacular Spectacular’ podcast continues with episode 34! As we get closer to our one year anniversary of brining the best of ourselves to your ear holes we continue to give you quality podcasting. In this episode we have John, Novo, Bill and Dan joining the fray talking over our ‘Top 3′ stories of the week.

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-Gay Hate in Iowa
-Man Disguises as Old Man – WTF, Why?
-A very special Oprah…. AND Oh No! Not Michael!
-Debate: Should All Accused be able to face their Accuser? – GO!

Theme: Some of the Great Theatrical Beauties
Sophia Loren
Judi Dench
Barbarella (Jane Fonda)

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