In R2 We Trust

In R2 We Trust

R2D2, the little robot that could, has always been a symbol of SciFi geekness.  If the Syfy channel could of used the droid for their logo when they started in 1992 they probably would of, but Lucas had not yet broken his deal with the devil and started his licensing super-sale.  Alas, it seems that his symbolic status has now reached new heights.  Everyone’s favorite astromech droid, the obvious Christ-like savior of the Star Wars universe, is now sneaking his way into other modern Science Fiction.  As posted on Gizmodo he made an appearance in this past summer’s Transformers 2 movie, albiet a extremely subtle one, and now comes news that he was in the recent Star Trek Movie.  At least in the Star Trek cameo it looks a little more clear that its him as he drifts across the screen right next to the Enterprise.  With confirmations from ILM that this is in fact intended and absolutely a planned exercise in nerdom, the incestuous relationship forming amongst the new “classics” of science fiction is at sad levels.  “Just add a little R2 in this shot and subconsciously people will love the movie.“  Of course, I always segregated all my toys as a kid.

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  1. John says:

    Don’t let Mie see the R2 soy sauce bottle or we’ll have to get one.

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